By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – A runner is looking for help solving a Boston Marathon mystery. She wants to know who kissed her during the race.

It was along the marathon course on Washington Street in front of Nick’s Pizza House in Wellesley where a woman named Barbara running randomly kissed a man along the course.

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As a birthday present – the woman’s daughter said she’d find out the name of that man.

The photo remains the one clue Barbara has in her marathon quest.

“I believe in fate and it was a nice kiss and he kissed me again and he yelled out for me to call him,” Barbara says.

Barbara is the runner in the photo. She was among the thousands of qualified runners who burst off the starting line fearless about what was ahead.

Barbara kisses a mystery man (Courtesy photo)

Barbara kisses a mystery man (Courtesy photo)

“I wanted it to be a great time, but not in terms of the clock but in terms of the experience,” she says.

The women of Wellesley College are known to give kisses to runners.

Her daughters dared her to do something else.

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“They dared me to kiss a good looking guy along the course. And that’s exactly what I did.

When she hit 50, Barbara started running. She had beat cancer and was recently divorced. Running was the start of something new. This was her first Boston Marathon.

Barbara ran the Boston Marathon and kissed a mystery man (WBZ-TV)

Barbara ran the Boston Marathon and kissed a mystery man (WBZ-TV)

“I ran the race with the thought in mind that I was going to just use it as an adventure and enjoy every opportunity that came my way.”

That’s exactly what she did with the kiss. Barbara hails from Memphis and often travels to Boston for business.

She’ll run at the chance to meet the mystery man, but understands if she was not the only one caught up in the feeling of Boston.

“If he is married I do not wish to cause him grief I hope his wife has a good sense of humor,” she says.

Whatever the finish she enjoyed an adventure.

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If you happen to know who the man is, you can contact @KatieBraceWBZ.