BOSTON (CBS) – Draft season is in full swing, so Toucher & Rich decided to get in on the action with a little draft of their own.

All this week Fred, Rich and Jon Wallach are in the war room and on the clock, and each of them will make their picks and assemble the best “team” based on different categories. Monday’s category was Greatest Sports Video Game, Tuesday’s was Hottest Television Moms and on Wednesday the guys did Worst Movie Sequels/Prequels.


Here’s how they drafted:


1.  Blues Brothers 2000
2.  Caddy Shack 2
3.  Vegas Vacation
4.  Hard Bodies 2


1.  Star Wars Phantom Menace
2.  Halloween 3
3.  Hangover 3
4.  2 Fast 2 Furious


1.  Batman & Robin
2.  Teen Wolf Too
3.  Weekend At Bernie’s II
4.  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Listen below to hear the segment:


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