By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

NORTHBRIDGE (CBS) – The unusual calls into Northbridge Police started March 9th.

“As you can probably hear in the background, there are a bunch of people fighting in Russell Square,” said the caller.

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There is no Russell Square in Northbridge, Mass.

“We were trying to determine if it was in town and then determined it was Northbridge, Australia,” said Det. Sgt. John Ouillette.

The call was one of many to follow – different callers, different reports, but one same slight mistake.

Another call played in part: “Are you looking for Northbridge, Australia,” said the dispatcher. The caller replied, “Yes.”

Dispatcher Jordan Tredeau works 20 hours a week. In five and-a-half weeks, he alone has answered at least 20 calls from Northbridge, Australia.

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“The accent was definitely the first thing that gave it away,” said Tredeau.

The police said what apparently is happening is people in Northbridge, Australia are searching on their mobile phones for the police number. They are hitting “call” and they are connected to Northbridge, Mass.

“I think it’s pretty funny. I personally haven’t gotten anything too serious,” said Tredeau.

Police said the calls included break-ins, fights and missing items. They immediately direct the call to the correct country.

“Usually (they) sound kind of embarrassed,” said Tredeau.

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They have asked the Northbridge, Australia police to alert their citizens to the issue. But as of now, this group can practice their accent.