WORCESTER (CBS) – The Worcester police officer accused of beating a handcuffed prisoner was arraigned on Friday and is expected to enter a treatment program for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Officer Michael Motyka, a 17-year  veteran of the department, was arrested and charged this week following an investigation into an incident back in December.

In court Friday, prosecutors said there is video that shows the officer forcing a man against a cell wall. Motyka then allegedly punched the handcuffed man, threw him to the floor, and kicked him.

The assistant district attorney asked a judge to hold Motyka on $1,000 bail.

Motyka’s lawyer said his client suffers from PTSD from his service in the Army.

His attorney asked a judge to release Motyka so he can attend an inpatient treatment that is expected to run through the first week of May.

The judge released Motyka on personal recognizance.

Hector Pineiro, the victim’s attorney, said he wonders why other officers didn’t intervene when the incident happened.

“None of them did anything to stop it,” he said.

Pastor Esau Vance of the Black Clergy Alliance says the racial overtones here make the crime Motyka is accused of doubly outrageous.

“I don’t see where it calls for any beating of someone who is already helpless and cannot defend themselves,” he said.

The victim was initially taken into custody on assault charges.

Police chief Gary Gemme has issued a written apology, calling the incident “unwarranted” and disgraceful.”


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