BOSTON (CBS) – It’s an unusual move for authorities to release disturbing footage of a police officer taking a bullet point-blank in the face only a week after it happened.

WBZ security analyst and former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says it’s our new reality.

“After Ferguson, and after all the things that have happened across the nation, this is the new standard.”

He says the tape shows the suspect, Angelo West, who was ultimately shot and killed by police, committed an act of desperation.

“He’s literally surrounded by 6 police officers. They all have weapons, and he knows that, so he is not in a situation where he believes he’s going to fire at one officer and he’s going to get away,” he said.

“He pretty much knows he’s going to get fired on when he does this.”

Davis praises the district attorney for releasing the video, and says in this day and age of eyes everywhere we can expect to see even sensitive footage made public more often.

“The public knows that there will be mistakes in this type of situation,” says Davis.

“What they’re looking for is honesty and transparency, and you’re going to see this whether it’s good or it’s bad.”

Christina Hager