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BOSTON (CBS) – The 2014 NFL season came to a close two months ago, yet the Deflategate saga still goes on.

Is there an end in sight? 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich caught up with NFL Network’s Albert Breer on Friday morning, and Breer expects the Deflategate drama to wrap up soon.

“We all know people in that business and things don’t move fast. I still think the key here is going to be how the Colts got the information in the first place that prompted Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson to go to the league during the week of the game, and how the league handled it during the week of the game,” said Breer. “I’m sure those are a couple of things they’re looking into. I don’t think this thing should take very long. I’m with everybody else, but again, I know the way lawyers work and generally it’s not very swiftly.”

With the NFL Draft at the end of the month, Breer expects that to play the biggest role in the release of Ted Wells’ report on the matter.

“I do think the draft is sort of a flash point in all of this. Michael Florio made a point on maybe a week or two ago that this starts to eat into the planning. If you have to worry about the idea of this and the tampering issue between the Jets and Patriots, then you have to worry about losing a draft pick,” said Breer. “The pro days are over, testing is over and teams are bringing prospects into their buildings to interview them.

“Its tough if you’re, right now, in the final phases of your planning if you’re the Jets or the Patriots,” he continued. “You’re sitting there and worrying about the potential that you’re going to lose a draft pick. You only have so many of those and how you plan around it. It makes it more difficult on a team, certainly.”

Breer also talked about Troy Polamalu’s retirement, the NFL Draft, and more.Listen below!


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