BOSTON (CBS) — March is a special time of the year when, on any given night, you should have your pick of a handful of sporting events to watch.

Such was the case Thursday night, when March Madness resumed with a quartet of Sweet 16 games and the Boston Bruins continued their playoff push with a big game against the Anaheim Ducks.

If you don’t have a multi-TV setup in your man cave, and refuse to pick just one sporting event to watch, a sports bar is usually your best bet.

That is, unless said sports bar is more interested in hosting an acoustic show on such a big sporting night.

Jon Wallach had that very bad experience Thursday night at a sports bar while trying to watch the Bruins and NCAA basketball games. Instead of hearing the games he was watching, Wallach had to watch with no volume, and an acoustic guitar player jamming out instead.

It’s something everyone has encountered in their life, and Toucher & Rich explain why this practice needs to stop.

“First of all, acoustic guitars are the devil’s instrument,” said Fred Toucher. “It is the tool of the devil to annoy.”

Fred said having an acoustic player on such a big sports night is unacceptable.

“My whole business plan is about sports, and then on one of the biggest sports days of the year I’m going to hire a hack idiot to play cover tunes on an acoustic guitar. What are you thinking?” he said, getting fired up even more when Wallach told him he couldn’t hear the games. “That’s like having a hospital with no needles; like a farm with no cattle. It makes absolutely no sense. Let’s build an art museum, and have no paintings.”

THIS is what happens when you show a sporting event with audio. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

THIS is what happens when you show a sporting event with audio. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

“If you’re a sports bar and you are not playing the audio of the big game that everyone is there to watch, you should be shut down by the city,” said Rich. “That is insane.”

Wallach was subject to a full hour of the acoustic jams on Thursday night, despite the fact no one was really listening.

“They may as well just have a Plexiglas toilet set up with a guy taking a dump the whole game,” said Fred. “There is no explanation for this.”

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