BOSTON (CBS) — The judge in the murder trial of former Danvers High School student Philip Chism granted a defense motion Tuesday suppressing certain evidence collected by police after the killing.  

Chism has pleaded not guilty to raping and killing math teacher Colleen Ritzer in October 2013. Ritzer’s body was found in the woods behind the school.

Judge David Lowy threw out Chism’s confession made to Danvers Police after the murder. The judge also ruled that evidence gathered from Chism and Ritzer’s cell phone found near a Danvers movie theater after the killing could not be used.

However, other items collected from Chism’s pockets and backpack can be included as evidence in the case.

“We respect the court ruling and we are confident that law enforcement acted responsibly and lawfully,” Ritzer’s family said in a public statement.

Although age 14-years-old at the time of the killing, Chism is being charged as an adult.



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