The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday night means it’s time for some role play, with Joe Murray filling in for Adam Jones this week!

You are Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge. How do you feel about the moves you made during the trade deadline? 

Murray as Ainge: “We’re really happy with the moves we made today. We acquired Isaiah Thomas, who can play point guard in the league and help come off the bench. He also has a really good contract over the next three years.”

You are Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask. What is your take on your playing time right now? 

Murray as Rask: “I’m playing way too much. My defense stinks. I stopped so many shots in that shootout Wednesday night against the Oilers and got no help from the team. I want a day off. I’m one of the better goaltenders in this league, but I can’t keep playing every day. However, I’m confident in this team and that if we do make it to the playoffs, that we can go on a nice little run.”

You are Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval. Are you happy with the shape you’re in coming off your big contract signing? 

Murray as Sandoval: “Let the people talk and let them criticize. No matter what they say it will never change me or the player I am. I don’t care what those people say. I’ll be ready to play. Who cares if I’m fat? I put up numbers every year.”

You are Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino: What do you think about Mookie Betts potentially taking your job in right field? 

Murray as Victorino: “I’ve been playing in this league for over 10 years and I’ve been successful. This kid has played 53 games. I’m coming off back surgery and everyone is doubting me. I have no intention to be beat out this year by this kid. But hey, if its not center field or right field here in Boston, I’ll play somewhere else if they don’t want me. If they want to move on from me, that’s fine. But I’m here and I’m ready to go to play right field for the Red Sox.”

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