By Susie Steimle, WBZ-TV

QUINCY (CBS/AP) – Wednesday’s MBTA madness has turned into Thursday’s commuter confusion.

With limited Red Line rail service, the MBTA rolled out a line of buses as backup, but is it improving the mess?

“How could we say today is better? The train isn’t running, it’s been days that the train is out of service people have to go to work,” Red Line passenger Elissa Garza told WBZ-TV.

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Garza hasn’t been able to get to work on time in a week, and today was no different. She had to wait for a bus at Quincy Center to take her to the JFK/UMass T stop, but no buses arrived within the hour she waited.

“Taking the bus to work has been awful. There’s an 8:35 scheduled and an 8:40. It’s well past that time and neither of them is here,” Garza said.

The reduction in Red Line service had drivers seeing only brake lights on the way into Boston.

“This is the second day in a row it’s been horrendous,” driver Terry Sullivan said.

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A downed light pole delayed the buses that are replacing the Braintree branch.

Adding to the confusion, many buses labeled “out of service” were actually designated to drive commuters from Quincy to JFK/UMass.

“Sometimes they say out of service sometimes they say nothing at all. But the bus driver is loading people, so you kind have to yell and say ‘Hey where are you going?’ or see if passengers know,” Garza said.

The buses will replace trains at the Braintree branch through Sunday.

On Thursday, Gov. Charlie Baker is expected to meet with MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott for the first time since her sudden announcement that she is resigning from her position effective April 11.

Another snowstorm is in the forecast for this weekend, with 6-12″ possible in parts of Massachusetts.

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