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DERRY, N.H. (CBS) — Students at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH, don’t have to worry about snow days anymore.

From now on when school is cancelled these students do their classwork at home. The program is called Blizzard Bag.

“By doing Blizzard Bags at home I can literally do it in my pajamas,” student Bianca Herlihy said.

The school says they’ve implemented the program twice this year.

“It allows the students to go online on their teachers assignment and complete it at home and it counts as a school day not to be made up at the end of the year,” Dean of Faculty, Beverly Lannan said.

Like many areas, New Hampshire has been buried under several feet of snow, but because of Blizzard Bag students at Pinkerton return to class today right where they left off yesterday.

“Right now we would have three snow dates tacked onto our year right now, which I would not want to be here June 17 whatsoever,” Herlihy said.

The Blizzard Bag assignments are limited to 25 minutes per class and if 80 percent of the students complete the assignments it counts as regular school day. The biggest challenge they’ve had is knowing when to implement the program.

“It’s a hard decisions to make because we don’t know about the clean up around here. Hopefully people understand it’s not an easy call,” Lannan said.

Paul Burton

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