BEVERLY – Some cities and towns on the North Shore are running out of salt and in some cases, are running out of room for all the snow.

Mike Collins, commissioner of Beverly’s Public Services, says the department has far exceeded its $800,000 snow removal budget.

“We do have some salt. Not much. We’re not able to treat the roads the way we’d like to, but we are able to take care of them,” he said.

Crews have piled snow in snow farms throughout the city.

“We have snow all over the place…We still have some room. You can always put it higher,” Collins said.

DPW crews are working on fumes.

“They like the overtime and then they get to a point where it’s just not worth it anymore,” said the commissioner.

At Lowe’s in Danvers, only sand and scrapers are left; salt and shovels are sold out.

“We broke ours today. They’re all out. Completely. Everywhere we’ve been,” says Sharon Legault of Lynn.

“I was taking the ice off the gutters and I snapped it,” said Mike Legault of Lynn.

“We had to ask the plow man not to come anymore because we need the snow blower to get it up over the banking. He’s just going to make the driveway smaller,” said Ellie Dawkins of Boxboro.

“Usually I don’t mind, but this is a little over the top,” says Matt Hawkins of Georgetown.

Collins says that while most residents have been kind and understanding, a few have made personal threats. He says some have even thrown shovels at trucks.



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