BOSTON (CBS) – Former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak on Radio Row in Phoenix Thursday afternoon to talk about Tom Brady and the Tuck Rule Game.

Besides Brady being known as one of the best quarterbacks that has ever played in the NFL, he is also known for the “Tuck Rule Game” in the AFC Divisional game against the Oakland Raiders back in 2001. Brown especially will never forget it.

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“Anytime I hear [Brady’s] name, I know for a fact that if he loses that game — I can’t say I know for a fact — but there’s a very good chance that if they lose that game he’s not the starting quarterback next year,” Brown told Gresh & Zo. “Why would he be?”

These comments sound similar to the ones made by Ray Lewis a few weeks ago, when the future Hall of Fame linebacker said “the only reason we know who Tom Brady is, because of a tuck rule!”

But Zolak (and plenty others) believe Brady was the future regardless, so he provided Brown with a little background.

“I think that [quarterback] decision was already made in Bill [Belichick’s] mind, because when [Drew] Bledsoe was cleared and healthy at the end of the year, he still went with Tom,” Zolak countered. “I think Tom was his guy in his eyes. They kept him as the fourth quarterback one year. Belichick kept him as the fourth guy on the roster.”

Belichick clearly saw something in Brady that nobody else did, keeping Brady on the roster while being fourth on the depth chart, as Zo mentioned.

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But Tim Brown is still not convinced.

“All I’m saying is, if you are the quarterback and you lose a home playoff game to a west coast team in a snow blizzard, I don’t know if the fans are going to be looking at you as being the guy,” said Brown, who went on to compliment Brady for his wonderful career.

“The great thing about it and what you have to say about terrific Tom is he took that blessing that they got and he’s made a whole life of it. He’s done great from that standpoint. I just think when you talk about the snow game, obviously it’s Tom Brady — that’s what I think about. So when I hear his name, I immediately go back to that moment.”

Brown also gave his thoughts about the kick return game and how it has changed since he played, as well as how the Patriots should game plan to defeat the Seahawks.

Listen below for full discussion: 

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