WILMINGTON (CBS) – Two Wilmington police officers were injured Wednesday afternoon when they responded to an emergency call for a knife-wielding man who allegedly attacked two people at the Wilmington Commuter Rail Station.

When officers arrived, they found two people who had locked themselves in their vehicles, and reported that the man approached them with a knife and started yelling at them. When they locked themselves in their cars, the suspect allegedly slashed two tires and ran off.

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Police gave pursuit and located the suspect, identified as 28-year-old Seth Mather of Maynard, who ran towards an elevated railroad platform and jumped off. The suspect then attacked the responding officers.

Seth Mather of Maynard (Wilmington PD photo)

Seth Mather of Maynard (Wilmington PD photo)

After a 25 minute standoff, officers tried to subdue Mather with pepper spray and less lethal 40mm “sponge rounds” but he continued to make “aggressive gestures,” according to police.

“He was rambling things,” Wilmington Police Chief Michael Begonis said. “I wasn’t exactly sure what he was saying, but he was very agitated and very angry with the officers.”

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An off-duty Concord Police officer, who is also a member of the SWAT Team, happened to be in the area and used a Taser to help subdue Mather.

As Mather was being arrested, Wilmington Police Officer Paul Chalifour suffered a serious wound while trying to remove the knife from his hands. A second officer, Louis Martigetti, was injured when he fell from a train platform while pursuing the suspect. Both officers were treated at local hospitals.

“Today, our police officers put themselves between civilians and a dangerous, armed suspect,” Chief Begonis said. “They showed tremendous restraint in defense of human life, despite a suspect who seemed intent on doing harm to them and others.”

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Mather is charged with assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, and destruction of property. He will be arraigned in Woburn District Court Thursday.