BOSTON (CBS) – Wiggy is long gone on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Mazz show, but luckily we have’s Greg Bedard to fill the void.

While it’s nearly impossible to re-create 10 Questions With Wiggy, the guys have the next best thing with Around The League With Greg Bedard. The guys got Bedard’s take on each of the following topics, complete with a fantastic buzzer to let them know when time was up!

Here are the questions for Bedard:

– The Broncos have brought in Richie Incognito for a workout. What do you make of that?

“That goes to show you how bad the straits are for the Broncos on the offensive line, which I’m stunned by because they had one of the best groups last year. The Patriots exposed them.”

– What are your thoughts on Mark Sanchez last night?

“He was okay. They were up 17-7 and I think he had two completions. He was alright.”

– What will happen with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson? What should happen?

“What will happen? Both of them will be reinstated at some point this year. Ray Rice will not be signed by anybody. Ray Rice will be blackballed. Owners will collude to keep Rice out of the league as a favor to Roger Goodell, which I think is ridiculous. This goes to why I want Goodell out as commissioner. They just make crap up as they go along and it’s ridiculous.”

– Who is the biggest toolbag head coach in the NFL?

“Marvin Lewis, who just has this blind following for Andy Dalton. Him and I got into it at the owners meetings. I said, ‘It sounds like you guys are sold on Andy as your franchise guy. Why?’ And he got all angry and we went back and forth. The other guy is Sean Payton.”

Listen below for Greg’s full answers!

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