BOSTON (CBS) – For those Patriots fans pining for the team to make a big splash and swing for the fences before Tuesday’s 4pm trade deadline, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe says don’t bother.

He joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich to weigh in.

“I definitely don’t see Vincent Jackson happening, or Larry Fitzgerald, or any other big name fantasy football player. I don’t see that for the Patriots,” said Volin. “If anything they’ll probably get help in the trenches, like someone on the defensive line or maybe an offensive lineman. I don’t see this as a team right now that needs a ton of improvements. I think they’re playing pretty well and figuring things out.”

Earlier this week, the Patriots were reportedly one of the four teams making calls on Tampa Bay wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Ben Volin smelled a rat as soon as he heard those reports.

“You have to remember this with the Patriots. If you read a report, or free agent rumors and trade deadline rumors, and hear that the Patriots are one of the teams involved on a player, 99 percent of the time it doesn’t happen. The Patriots always operate under a cloak of secrecy and behind closed doors. They never let their true intentions leak out. They’re happy to have their name out there as sort of a subterfuge and get people asking, ‘Boy what are the Patriots up to?’ If you hear their name linked to a player it’s not gonna happen,” said Volin.

What kind of player would be available if the Patriots do in fact make a move for a defensive lineman?

“The trade deadline in football is not like hockey and baseball. Bill Belichick had a great quote the other day actually about why there’s not as much action at the NFL trade deadline. This time of the year every single team is dealing with injuries and their depth is really tested,” said Volin. “Why would you then further hurt your depth and give away a player? You need all the bodies you can at this point. If someone is available, then it’s someone the organization is completely tired of like an Aqib Talib, or someone who was benched and lost his spot in the lineup.”

Volin theorizes that the Patriots could maybe make a deal with Houston or Cleveland, given the connections they have there. But it won’t be a major deal, that’s for sure.

“Maybe they can get help along the defensive line, but it’s not going to be anyone that’s significant. It won’t be an Aqib Talib trade. They’re not going to go out and get a big wide receiver, or even a running back. I think they’re fine with Jonas Gray and Shane Vereen right now.”

Listen below!

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