BOSTON (CBS) – In the online world they call it “click bait,” a story with a catchy headline that draws you in even though you know it’s junk food.

I admit, I clicked on “The 65 People Who Might Run For President,” in The Hill newspaper and sure enough, it was strictly for laughs.

When someone writes: “Trump might run, but don’t bet on it,” they’re really saying, don’t wager on anything I’m saying.

The list includes Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

Remember? The guy who’s had everyone talking White House since his performance during the unrest in Ferguson?

That is, those who aren’t already buzzing about Al Gore, who is also listed.

No such list would be complete without front-row seats for VIPs from Massachusetts.

There’s Sec. of State John Kerry, who will probably emerge as the party’s choice if our foreign policy turns out to be a spectacular success; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whom I think I’ve heard say she’s not running about a hundred times; and Gov. Deval Patrick, who The Hill claims  will “likely run.”

He will?

The really dispiriting thing about this list isn’t the tedium of the B-listers, has-beens, retreads and never-will-bes it mentions.

Did I mention, Newt Gingrich is on it?

It’s the fact that it probably does include the future presidential nominees.

After all, why would anyone who wasn’t already making their living off politics want any part of getting involved? Raise and spend $100 million and run the gauntlet just to take on a thankless job where half the country hates you?

No thanks.

And the clickbait list agrees, leave it to the insiders. And focus on the positive.

Reports The Hill: “Rick Santorum is being overlooked.”

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