BOSTON (CBS) – Fred Toucher has a problem with Patriots fans, and he let that be known Friday morning.

Fred sounded off on those getting mad at him for complimenting backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and even suggesting the eventual supplanting of future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

“Here’s the deal. One day Tom Brady will not play quarterback anymore. If you think that it can’t happen, I’ll give you Joe Namath, Joe Montana, on and on and on — guys that you thought were untradeable. I’ll give you another sport: Wayne Gretzky in his prime moved teams. Everyone is right. The Patriots generally make the right move (when it comes to Welker, Mankins, etc). Tom Brady comes out to hold an extra point and everybody loses their mind. Everybody gets so defensive. Tom Brady is not superhuman. Nobody wants to envision a world where Tom Brady is not playing quarterback.

“He’s already defied the odds when you look at other great quarterbacks and when they start to fall off. You can’t play professional football for your entire life. Sometime your skills will erode. And if he’s getting paid a ton of money, and if the Patriots feel like they have other options, and that he’s not worth that contract, and they feel like they can win with another quarterback, there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t make that move. That’s not a hot sports take. That’s not a controversial take. That’s reality.”

Listen below for the full conversation with Wallach and Hardy:

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