BOSTON (CBS) – A commuter ferry boat became disabled off the coast of Scituate after it was hit by a large wave.

The ferry, which is operated by Bay State Cruise Company, was traveling from Provincetown to Boston with 42 passengers and crew on board.

The company said “an anomalously large set of waves” broke two of seven windows of the pilot house on the Provincetown IV. When the waves hit, the vessel’s controls went offline for a short time.

The captain of the ship injured his hand when the wave struck.

“It sounded like the ferry hit another ferry or something. It was so bad,” said passenger Christian Harijanto. “I really thought I was going to die.”

Passengers say they were shaken up, but no serious injuries were reported.

“People were freaking out,” explained passenger Ariel Shrum, who kept his cool. The Berklee College of Music student took out his trumpet and started playing music to keep fellow passengers entertained as they waited for the Coast Guard.

Ariel Shrum plays his trumpet aboard a disabled Provincetown ferry. (Courtesy photo)

Ariel Shrum plays his trumpet aboard a disabled Provincetown ferry. (Courtesy photo)

The ferry was able to regain power and was escorted to Boston by Coast Guard ships.

“We were out in middle of the ocean, so we were scared and didn’t know what was going to happen,” said passenger Anna Dimov.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong contributed to this report.


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