BOSTON (CBS) – Up on Beacon Hill, some like to think our state is the closest thing there is to heaven on earth due mostly to their oh-so-enlightened policymaking.

Not only is this false, as anyone who has travelled outside the state can attest, but it speaks to one of the bigger problems we have here – complacency.

For example, some folks are all upset over the $11.3 million renovation of the governor’s offices, but I’m not one of them. Tourism is one of the most solid economic sectors we have, and the State House, Governor’s offices included, are a major tourist attraction.

And if you hadn’t noticed, history is our most important tourism draw.

So a strong case can be made that $11.3 million to boost the appeal of the State House experience (not to mention keeping the place from falling apart) is small change compared to tbe long-term economic benefits.

But if that’s true of the State House, it’s true in spades for an even bigger tourism magnet, the Freedom Trail, the walking tour that shows off Massachusetts at its best.

Except when it’s exposing us at our worst.

That would be when we fail to take care of small, inexpensive details like proper signage outside the State House to direct visitors inside the building and guide them along the Freedom Trail.

Don’t believe me?

Stand outside there for ten minutes and watch the confused, irritated tourists pile up.

Maybe we could have spent $11,298,000 on the governor’s office instead, and thrown a couple grand at the signage problem.

But then again, we’re Massachusetts.

We already do everything perfectly.

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Jon Keller