By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV Correspondent

GORHAM, N.H. (CBS) – As investigators search Nathaniel Kibby’s home and a shipping container on his property, the owner of the mobile home park in Gorham, New Hampshire where Kibby lived says there was never any sign he may have been confining a stranger.

“If she was there, we had no clue,” said Janet Corrigan, who owns the Gateway Trailer Park.

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Corrigan says Kibby always paid his rent on time and although he is typically grumpy with a “chip on his shoulder,” more recently he’d been more sociable.

Corrigan says there have been complaints in the past about Kibby with guns on his property.

Corrigan says the shipping container has been on Kibby’s lawn since shortly after Kibby moved in back in 2009.

Kibby has a lengthy criminal record dating back to his teenage years at Kennett High School, the same school Abby Hernandez attends.

These six booking photos illustrate Kibby's lengthy criminal history. (Conway Police Department)

These six booking photos illustrate Kibby’s lengthy criminal history. (Conway Police Department)

More recently, the 34-year-old was charged with assaulting Tammy Shackford in March.

“So, I came out the front door and I said ‘excuse me can I help you’ and the kid is like ‘no, never mind just mind your own business’ and I’m like I don’t think so,” said Shackford.

The strange encounter, which Tammy says would turn violent, stemmed from a car crash the previous month.

Kibby crashed into Eric Ray, Tammy’s boyfriend, in Conway, New Hampshire in February.

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The couple says Kibby wanted to settle on the spot and showed them a large wad of cash.

At that point Abby Hernandez had been missing for four months, and the couple thinks he may have been trying to avoid police.

Kibby would then show up at the couple’s home in March.

According to police records, he told investigators he wanted to see how bad the damage was to Eric’s truck.

“So he came around the snow bank, down the walkway, and I was standing near here and that’s when he approached me and shoved me,” said Shackford.

Shackford says she was shoved twice and had x-rays on her elbow. Although it was a minor injury, she said she still feels some pain.

The assault charge was dropped just last week after Shackford, Ray and Kibby were all in court. That was just a few days after Abby Hernandez showed up at home.

As for Kibby’s alleged kidnapping of Abby, Shackford says “If she had to endure nine months of him, she’s going to need a lot of caring, caring help. He’s not normal.”

Kibby is charged with kidnapping Abby Hernandez and is due back in court in August.

A public defender representing Kibby would not comment today.

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