Boston (CBS)- It’s not your typical classroom. They’re not your typical teachers. It’s where you go after failing all year. It’s Gresh and Zo’s NFL Summer School on 98.5 The Sports Hub!

The AFC South breakdown continues as Andy Gresh and fill-in Gary Tanguay take our summer school tour to Houston, where the guys breakdown and preview the upcoming 2014 season for the Houston Texans.

Taking Attendance:

The Houston Texans went under a major overhaul this offseason.  The team fired head coach Gary Kubiak and let go defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Bill O’Brien, a former assistant with the Patriots and Penn State head coach from 2012-2014, will be taking over at the helm.

After going 2-14 last season, Houston snagged the first overall pick in the 2014 overall pick and selected University of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. They also drafted tight end CJ Fiedorowicz, nose tackle Louis Nix III and quarterback Tom Savage.

Gresh: “I thought their draft was pretty good. I like Fiedorowicz a lot. I like Clowney. He’s going to be Willie McGinest 2K. They’re going to put him at outside backer and just turn the guy loose and let him make plays. I like their draft a lot. They brought in people in places of need, now they just need to grow together.”

Tanguay: “They wanted Clowney and everyone knows they weren’t as bad as 2-14 last year. I don’t know if they were ‘tanking’ but I know nobody was crying when they ended up with the no. 1 pick.”

Pop Quiz:

Will Bill O’Brien be the first coach from the Bill Belichick coaching tree to have sustained success as an NFL head coach?

Gresh: “He can coach. It’ll come down to the quarterback, because he will be the de facto quarterback coach.”

Tanguay: “Yes. We saw what he did with Penn State. He can be a ruthless businessman and you gotta be one in the NFL. Romeo Crennel wasn’t that guy. Eric Mangini wasn’t that guy. Billy went into Penn State and did it his way.”

Fantasy 101:

How will the coaching change affect running back Arian Foster’s numbers?

Gresh: “I still think he’s going to be a really good back. It’ll come down to health for him. One of the critiques of Bill O’Brien is that he gets too pass happy at times. He needs to remind himself that he can run the football and you can be successful doing that. When Foster is right he’s a big time player. The value is down, hopefully it doesn’t get down too much.”

Do you draft an aging Andre Johnson or a rising DeAndre Hopkins at wide receiver?

Gresh: “Until Andre Johnson has a bad year with bad numbers I’m not bailing on him. Who are you going to lean on more? The veteran going to the Hall of Fame or the young guy in year two?”

Final Grade:

Last year’s team went 2-14. Year before that? 12-4. Vegas has the over/under at 7.5 wins. Where do they finish and do they make the playoffs?

Gresh: “They’re not making the playoffs. At 7.5 I think they are under.”

Tanguay: “Over. I think they make a run, I think they’re in the hunt and I think they’re over.”

Listen below for your full education:



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