LOWELL (CBS) – Relatives of one the victims of the deadly Lowell fire that killed seven people returned to the scene on Saturday to pay their respects.

Two sisters and the daughter of Tina Christakos visited the scene to pay their respects to their sister and recall her memory.

“She was awesome. she was a good person.” said Shy Christakos, Tina’s sister. “She loved me. She loved my whole family.”

Tina’s other sister, Brandy, also visited the scene.

“She was just a fun loving, perfect person,” said Brandy Christakos.

“It’s just so sad she is not here. I think she tried to help,” said Felica Neov, Tina’s daughter.

Also, authorities have identified the seventh victim of the fire as Robert Down. He was Tina Christako’s rommate.

Want to donate to victim of the fire? Click here.



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