By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

DUXBURY (CBS) – The town of Duxbury has cancelled what was an annual 4th of July beach bonfire celebration.

The endangered piping plover bird has moved-in and there are at least 24 nests on Duxbury Beach. There are large areas of the beach that are restricted. The town’s July 4th committee said usually a couple thousand people attend the celebration and there is no way to ensure the nests will not get trampled, so the bonfire is cancelled.

Piping Plover (WBZ-TV)

Piping Plover (WBZ-TV)

“The plovers are federally protected. We have to follow the law,” said Margaret Kearney, Duxbury 4th of July activities committee

This is the 2nd year the plover’s presence cancelled the party. Last year, 17 nests were on the beach.

“They tend to come back to the siame area and every year they hope to grow or maintain the population,” said Missy Battista, co-manager of Duxbury Beach.

In 2013, the committee moved the bonfire to another location, but there was little interest.

Most Duxbury residents said they understand the need to cancel the bonfire for the bird. Since the birds return every year, the committee said next year they’ll consider a new tradition of having the beach bonfire at another time.


Katie Brace

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