BOSTON (CBS) – Retire somewhere exotic and really cheap. Sounds doable. About 600,000 Social Security checks are being sent overseas. Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica seem to be the in spots right now. Good weather, cheap, and exotic!

There is a delightful movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It is about a group of English retirees moving to India because it is cheap! Rent the movie as part of your research.

You need a real sense of adventure when you make such a major move. Also a buddy or two would be helpful.

Often times moving to these exotic places you live in a gated community with security guards. You don’t travel out at night for it’s not safe and you really don’t experience the local culture because you are so far removed from it.

When you are traveling in a foreign country and you don’t speak the language that does not seem to be a problem for everyone wants to help a visitor. But where do you find help if you are trying to negotiate a speeding ticket, buy groceries, or you are trying to describe your chest pains in an emergency room?

Oh and Medicare does not travel with you if you leave the U.S.! No matter where you move to in retirement you need to be concerned about health care. Research healthcare before you leave. Do you want to be coming back to Massachusetts for routine visits?

Are you moving some place where your family and friends will want to visit? In talking with retirees on the Cape I often hear “we wanted a place where the kids would want to come and visit”.

Weather is such a big issue with retirees. Everyone wants to live in a place with perfect weather because you deserve perfect weather in your retirement! Make sure you can take the heat if you are moving south. How hot is hot? Some are tolerant of 110 degrees and others long for Maine when the thermometer goes above 75 degrees.

One more thing:Some online resources,, and


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