BOSTON (CBS) – Zombies probably don’t top the list of threats against this country and I’m guessing they aren’t a major priority for the Pentagon.

But this is real.

Foreign Policy magazine was the first to obtain an unclassified document by the Defense Department that outlines a military response if zombies were to attack America.

It even has an important sounding name: “Counter-Zombie Dominance.”

The strategy is focused around isolating the threat which can range from “chicken zombies” (called CZs) to “vegetarian zombies” and even “evil magic zombies.”

It then describes how to destroy them all and preserve what they call “non-zombie humans.”

These were lifted directly from the document. And there is a disclaimer which reads, “this plan was not actually designed as a joke.”

Now of course the military isn’t really worried about zombies, as fun as that may have sounded.

The Pentagon wrote this plan as a template of sorts. A training scenario to deal with any type of major national emergency, including an outbreak of some sort of contagion.

In fact, U.S. troops actually took part in a training exercise involving a mock zombie invasion about two years ago.

But remember, we spoke earlier this week about how the Pentagon is testing killer robots.

I think we may have just figured out what they’re for.

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