By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

HINGHAM (CBS) – For 71-year-old Joe D’Arrigo the Boston Marathon is a family legacy. “It’s family, it’s tradition and we will not be intimidated. We’ve been going to the marathon with my children for 37 years,” D’Arrigo said wearing his new marathon jacket in Hingham with his four daughters.

For Joe’s 70th birthday last year his dream was to have all four of his daughters cross the finish line together. “As we were approaching we were excited to finish together,” daughter Kerri Roberts said. When they got to mile 25 the bombs exploded and their dream came to an end.

This year all four of Joe’s daughters are back and ready to finish what they started. “For us standing on Mass Ave. last year we knew we were going to do it. There’s was no question about it. For us it’s family,” D’Arrigo said.

All four of Joe’s faithful bodyguards say they trained hard and are ready to run.

“There were times I was getting on the treadmill and my dad would text me with ice cubes on his face after his run and I’m like if he can do it, I can do it,” daughter Jen Spaulding said.

Combined the D’Arrigo family has run about 40 marathons but never as one group. Joe says crossing the finish line with his daughters will be special. “I can’t explain what the emotion will be when we cross. I can’t even anticipate it,” D’Arrigo said.


Paul Burton

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