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Bradley Jay: ‘Do You Believe In The Three Second Rule?’

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It’s Saturday and you are grilling a nice steak, let’s say a filet mignon. It cost you twenty-eight bucks at the butcher. And you’ve gone to all the trouble to shop for it, season it, and prepare it. As you take it off the grill, it slides off the barbecue fork and plops on the porch floor. You snatch it up quickly, in under three seconds. Do you subscribe the “three second rule” that says if you drop something on the floor, it’s still good to eat if you can snatch it up in three seconds or fewer? Bear in mind that your shoes have probably stepped in some nasty stuff before walking on that porch floor, and the floor is crawling with germs.

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How about something less expensive? What if you are grilling jumbo shrimp instead, and you drop a shrimp on the floor? Do you still eat it or serve it to your family if you could pick it up quickly?

Some folks will rinse dropped food and eat it without a second thought, while others will throw it away every time. How about you? Do you practice the three-second rule? Would you admit it if asked in public?

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