BOSTON (CBS) – The Russian Parliament Saturday approved President Vladimir Putin’s request to send military forces to protect his country’s interest in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s acting president warned that any Russian military intervention would lead to war and the United Nations met in emergency session to confront the crisis.

In Boston, members of the Ukraine community talked to WBZ-TV’s Whitney Burbank about their concerns.

Alexander Demidenko was born in Russia, raised in Ukraine and now lives in Newton.

Traditional Eastern European food brings him to a Brookline market but while browsing Russian candies, his thoughts turn to home.

“I don’t want war to happen between Russia and Ukraine,” he said. “They are so close relative nations. I am a bit scared of this decision.”

Although Demidenko’s roots straddle both nations, his view is straightforward on the Russian president getting the go-ahead to send in troops.

“I cannot say it’s a fake decision, it’s a real decision, but this parliament is controlled by Putin,” he said.

President Obama said Putin’s military move is a “clear violation” of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Boston University Professor Igor Lukas calls it a desperate power play.

“Russia, that has failed to control Ukraine, is still a significant player but perhaps not more important than lets say Sweden,” Lukas said.

For Demidenko and his family, who have relatives in eastern Ukraine, it’s a game with an uncertain outcome.

He has not spoken to them since the latest developments in Ukraine.

WBZ-TV’s Whitney Burbank contributed to this report.


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