BOSTON (CBS) – Adam Jones was a guest on his own show Thursday night. He’s traveling with the Celtics on their current west coast road trip where they’ll square off next against the Lakers on Friday night.

Joe Murray and Adam Kaufman filled in on his behalf and wanted to get his thoughts on the inactivity of Danny Ainge at the trade deadline. Jones feels like the team passed up a good opportunity.

“Just from listening to Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens throughout the course of the day it didn’t seem like there was a lot coming down the pike, which to me is disappointing. They had an opportunity to cash in some chips, make the team worse in the interim and collect an asset or two. To me, they missed out,” said Jones.

Jones feels like Bass and Green would have been fairly easy to move and perhaps Danny Ainge overvalued their worth, which is ultimately why a deal couldn’t be struck.

We know that Ainge values high draft picks. He has talked ad nauseam on this station about acquiring assets. But if you look at the trades that were made yesterday there weren’t a lot of first round picks to go around.

“Spencer Hawes is a pretty good player. He’s a stretch big man, a guy that can shoot a little bit and he moved for 2 second round picks, so anybody who thought they were getting a first rounder for Bass or Green was not being realistic about the asking price.”

With or without Rajon Rondo this Celtics team is heading towards the lottery, but the question now is, “Where in the lottery?”

By keeping Bass and Green the C’s may not be able to fall to low enough depths to earn a high lottery pick, which is another hard, disheartening fact for Jones to swallow.

“Ainge could have systematically weakened the team around Rondo. I don’t know how many more wins Jeff Green and Brandon Bass remaining on the team gets you, but I think it’s a couple. I think it’s a handful, and with how tight moving up the lottery is I think you wanted to get rid of as many solid players as you could and they didn’t.”

Listen below for the full discussion:

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