BOSTON (CBS) — While most Massachusetts students are on vacation this week, kids in Taunton are in school.

Concerned about the number of snow days in the past, the district changed the calendar and February Vacation was just a four-day weekend.

Last year, Taunton school officials said something had to give. By law, students have to be in school 180 days of the year. Add five snow days and they’re in school well into June.

Officials didn’t want to go any later so instead, they canceled February break.

“Snow is very difficult and year after year we found ourselves going closer to June or the beginning of July,”Taunton Superintendent Julie Hackett said.

But parents don’t mind and the idea may even be catching on.

“I’d rather them be off in the summer than in the winter anyway,” one parent told WBZ.

Middleboro School Superintendent Dr. Roseli Weiss says canceled February vacation could be coming to a school near you.

“What would the impact be? What would the ramifications be? Would it be good for the students,” Weiss listed as things districts are weighing.

Starting in 2014, Middleboro Schools will go back to school before Labor Day in order to get in some extra days before the snow starts.


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