BOSTON (CBS)- At The WBZ Water Cooler: Last week we learned that Billy Joel, the Piano Man, will be coming to Fenway Park June 26th. On that note (see what we did there), we thought we would take a look at one of the great piano players Boston has been offering up for years, a local treasure.

Mel Stiller has been playing Jacob Wirth’s for 25 years now. He tells us the people of Boston know to bring their voices when he’s in the house, Mel calls the sing along’s a “group activity.” He loves this city and had some great stories to tell, including the couple who said the piano bar had meant so much to them, that Mel was asked to perform their wedding ceremony, Mel says “he did that.”

Stiller’s 25 years are being celebrated this month, every Friday, starting with a fundraiser this Friday for Joslin Diabetes Center. It’s a disease his granddaughter has, so it’s a fundraiser that hits close to home.

We also asked what song he cringes at every time it’s requested, the answer: Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Mel Stiller says that songs very difficult, and he appreciates Queen more and more every time that request comes up.

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