By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

CONCORD, NH (CBS) – Police say a man and woman tried to buy a pair of $1000 gift cards at a Target in Concord, New Hampshire, using two bogus credit cards with two other people’s credit card numbers.

One of the victims was 72-year-old Ronald Stonis who got a call from Discover.

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“They asked me ‘we got a couple of charges that we’re looking at and we’re wondering if you made those charges,'” said Stonis.

Stonis was surprised because he never lost his credit card.

“I was kind of distraught over it but then the fraud department assured me that I was not going to get charged for that,” said Stonis.

In both attempts the transactions were declined and the suspects were not able to purchase the gift cards.

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Police say it’s possible this crime is connected to the wider Target breach over the holidays.

“I won’t rule it out,” said Lt. Tim O’Malley of the Concord Police Department.

Police are investigating if Mr. Stonis’s information was stolen when Target was hacked and millions of credit card numbers were exposed late last year.

Stonis checked his records and did make purchases at Target during the dates in question and with his Discover card.

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“It’s kind of frightening because you hear the stories of those who have been victims,” said Stonis. “Sometimes it can take one or two years before they can even get it cleared up.”