BOSTON (CBS) – During the offseason, the Broncos bested the Patriots offer to Wes Welker and signed the slot receiver to a 2-year/$12 million deal, but Darren McKee of 104.3 The Fan in Denver isn’t so sure he’ll be on the team next year.

In fact, he’s not so sure he’ll even be around in the NFL at all beyond this season.

Welker missed the final three games of the regular season after suffering two concussions, and a crucial mistake at the end of Denver’s Week 12 matchup against New England by electing not to field the punt in overtime resulted in a chip shot field goal and a win for the Patriots.

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And the drops! The drops are back for Welker too, who had a pair of them versus the Chargers.

When asked by Rich if Broncos fans are starting to worry about Welker, Darren McKee said unequivocally, “They should be.”

“He’s got a helmet on that makes him look like Rick Moranis in ‘Spaceballs’, he’s dropping passes that are hitting him in the chest, they don’t trust him to return kicks anymore and he should have never played in that first Patriots game.”

“If you ever wanted to look into a conspiracy theory of the NFL clearing guys from concussions, go back and look at that game. How in the world did Welker get cleared after a concussion in three days? Is that a coincidence? Literally, he wasn’t in his right mind. He should have never been out there.”

“He’s an interesting deal. I don’t know about Welker. I don’t know if Welker is on the Broncos next year, and I don’t know if Welker is playing in the NFL at all after this year.”

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This came as a shock to Toucher and Rich, but for someone out in Denver who covers the team regularly, McKee just never got the sense that Welker enjoys being out there based on his “overall temperament and lingering indifference.”

“He should be a Patriot, let’s face it. I don’t think he’s thrilled to be out here. I still think it stings he’s not a Patriot.”

Denver’s number two cornerback Chris Harris is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL, and this spells “big problems” for that Bronco secondary according to McKee.

However, he believes the absence of linebacker Von Miller has actually helped the Broncos pass rush for whatever reason.

Despite his residency, Darren McKee is picking the Patriots to win.

Listen below for the full interview:

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