By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

BROOKLINE (CBS) – There is still no sign of a missing 16-year-old from Brookline. Caleb Jacoby, the son of a Boston Globe Columnist, was last seen Monday afternoon around 12:30. He lives in Brookline Village near the store Lisa Trackman owns. “I heard Caleb was missing last night on Facebook. As soon as it came out, I shared it and 10 friends shared it,” she said. “I just can’t imagine not knowing where my child is.”

Trackman put a missing poster on the front door of her store, Abeille, hoping to help further spread the word. Caleb had been spotted at the Starbucks nearby Monday, but it’s believed he went home after that. Brookline Police are looking at his disappearance as a runaway, but with little to go on so far, they can’t be sure. The extreme cold this week, especially overnight, is also a major concern. “He’s 16 and some people might think he’s left to his own devices but it’s cold outside,” Trackman said.

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“It is the not knowing that’s the most difficult piece,” Rabbi Gershon Gerwirtz said. He’s close with the family, even married Caleb’s parents. As far as he knows, nothing happened that would cause Caleb to leave. “Not that we know. Caleb’s a good kid who always did his work in school. He’s responsible,” he said.

Caleb Jacoby (Photos courtesy Brookline Police)

Caleb Jacoby (Photos courtesy Brookline Police)

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Jeff Jacoby and his wife were too upset to go on camera. Jeff, a Boston Globe op-ed columnist, tweeted, “We are so deeply, deeply grateful for everything being done to reunite us with our beloved son Caleb.” Caleb is an 11th grader at Maimonides School. Wednesday, the school gathered more than 200 people to search and pass out missing posters.

There was a report Caleb was spotted in Providence, Rhode Island Tuesday night. A Brookline Detective told WBZ-TV they reviewed some tape and do not believe that was a credible sighting. A parent herself, Lisa Trackman can’t help but worry and hope his picture and information continues to circulate. “A lot of people out of state are sharing it so if he is beyond Massachusetts there is hope that someone will see him elsewhere,” she said.

Rabbi Gerwirtz says the family is thankful for the support and he’s hopeful their prayers will be answered. “It’s the worst nightmare that any parent can ever live through and we’re hoping and praying that the nightmare will end with something good to come home with,” he said.

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Anyone with information about Caleb Jacoby is asked to call Brookline Police at 617-730-2222.