BOSTON (CBS) – With limited weapons on offense and defense, Tony Massarotti has very little concern that the Patriots will be able to take care of the Colts Saturday night.

“I like the Patriots chances against Indianapolis – particularly here. It’s a game the Patriots can win, they should win and I believe they will win this weekend in Foxboro.”

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Mike Felger is just as confident as Mazz, and the reason being because Indianapolis is a very flawed team that can be exposed. Felger is going so far as to say that if the Patriots don’t come away with a victory then it will be a colossal failure.

“If they don’t get past these guys, I think it’s an underachievement – I think it’s a fail on the part of the Patriots,” said Mike Felger Monday afternoon.

“After this week we’ll see where we are at, but this week you’re at home with that extra week off. Indianapolis being what it is, this is a game the Patriots should win. If they don’t? It’s a fail.”

Tony was more specific.

“Indy’s defense blows. It’s terrible. Bad, really bad. Kansas City’s offense is ok, but they ate Indy alive – even without Jamaal Charles. Tom Brady should be able to eat them up.”

However despite all the optimism, Felger gives the Colts a fighting chance because he thinks they are a team on the come up – as evidenced by the number of marquee wins over teams like Seattle, San Francisco and Denver.

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Another check in the Colts column for Felger would be quarterback Andrew Luck, someone he believes to have “the highest ceiling in the league.”

Despite Luck’s high ceiling, the Colts have very few impact players.

“If you take away T.Y. Hilton, and you take away Robert Mathis…who beats you?” Felger concluded.

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