BOSTON (CBS) — It was supposed to be an average flight to start a beach vacation for two women with Massachusetts ties but it turned into something much more.

Jeanne Gallahue, and Rosemary Smith were on board the December 8, jetBlue flight from Washington D.C. to Puerto Rico when they heard frantic screaming and calls for help from the back of the plane.

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Gallahue, of Westwood, has been training first responders for more than 30 years. Smith, is originally from Worcester and now works as a cardiac intensive care nurse in Washington, D.C.

The two ran to the back of the plane where they found 6-month-old baby Jasmine, blue and unresponsive.

The two got to work right away.

“We did CPR over and over, we lost count of how many times,” Smith said.

The baby lost a heartbeat seven times over the course of the rescue but the two said the baby was not going to die on that plane.

“Rose and I were constant. I was flipping the baby. We’re checking pressure,” Gallahue said.

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It was nearly an hour before the pilot could make an emergency landing in North Carolina where an ambulance was waiting.

A fire lieutenant from Puerto Rico was also on board and helped translate between Gallahue, Smith and the baby’s family who spoke only Spanish.

By the time the plane was starting to land, the baby opened her eyes.

“Finally we got the baby to scream and open its lungs,” Smith said.

Gallahue and Smith continued monitoring the baby as the plane landed.

“I’m not a hero I’m just very bossy and knew what to do to save the baby,” Gallahue said.

The baby is said to be back in Puerto Rico and is doing well.

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“It was a miracle. There was something else on board. It was a miracle,” Smith said.