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Bradley Jay: ‘Would You Rather Watch A Movie In The Theater Or At Home?’

The home theater experience is improving at a brisk pace, with light, cool, high-definition televisions getting cheaper all the time. And the addition of a high fidelity sound bar can enable a living room to provide a top-notch viewing experience. Televisions measuring fifty-five, sixty, even sixty-five inches diagonally are not uncommon. One young man included in this video actually boasts of a three hundred inch television in his basement.

The home viewing environment is more convenient and economical than the theater when it comes to of snacks, beverages, and parking. Oh, and at home, the movie doesn’t start without you.

There are those that cherish the nachos and the shared experience of a modern movie theater, but others are moving away from traditional theaters and towards the convenience of hi-end home viewing. How about you? Do you prefer the theater or the comforts of home?

This week’s Jay Talking man-on-the street video asks the question, ‘would you rather watch a movie in a theater on a high end home set-up.’ Pass the popcorn!


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