BOSTON (CBS) – There’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the shopping world, and in the NFL world there’s Black Monday – the day after the regular season ends where coaches and general managers are fired in droves.

Some coaches haven’t lived up to their billing, so Albert Breer and Andy Gresh discussed Tuesday morning which ones are on the hot seat – and what better time to spread some cheer than the day before Christmas?

Gary Kubiak has already been fired. He was let go as head coach of the Houston Texans after his team’s second loss to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told his team prior to their game on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns that he expects to be fired by management.

If Ryan’s prediction holds true, that’s two coaches looking for work.

As for the rest of the head coaches on the hot seat, both Andy Gresh and Albert Breer expect Tennessee’s Mike Munchak, Washington’s Mike Shanahan, Detroit’s Jim Schwartz and Minnesota’s Leslie Frazier to be given pink slips.

Will any of them get the chance to be head coaches again? Or will they land back on their feet as coordinators?

“[Jim] Schwartz and Rex [Ryan] are at the top of anybody’s list as far as being defensive coordinators go – immediately,” said Breer.

“Leslie Frazier is in an interesting spot because he’s been in that organization for such a long time and was groomed to be the head coach, but I don’t think he gets another shot to be head coach right away. I don’t think Schwartz does either.”

“I think Rex might. For Shanahan, it’s going to come down to his desire to coach again.”

Other coaches to keep an eye on according to Breer are Dennis Allen of the Raiders, Greg Schiano of the Buccaneers and Jason Garrett of the Cowboys.

Breer thinks Garrett is safe, but to really ensure his job security a win on Sunday for the division against the Eagles would be nice.

Listen below for the full discussion, and find out which college coaches might be NFL candidates:


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