BOSTON (CBS) – Death, taxes and David Ortiz demanding a contract extension.

Ortiz is currently signed for just the 2014 season and is reportedly seeking an extension – only this time, Michael Felger thinks Big Papi deserves it.

He explained why on Wednesday afternoon.

“This is developing in my head because I’ve been anti-extension this whole time,” said Felger. “It’s a good question: when do you draw the line and stop giving him that extra year?”

“I’m considering drawing that line and stopping giving him that extra year as soon as he doesn’t hit .688 in the World Series and hit a grand slam in Game 2 of the ALCS to win you your third championship. When he does that, I’ll give you the extra year.”

“If you come back next year and hit .212 and play 90 games because the heel is acting up, then I’ll change my mind. It feels like he has a case this year for the extension.”

Mazz can’t believe Felger has gone soft on this issue. Tony doesn’t believe in paying for past performance and doesn’t see what the rush is to get him signed for 2015.

“This whole business of the contract every year is exhausting. He is signed…he’s not a free agent! You don’t get a two-year parachute every fall!” cried Tony Mazz.

Listen to the entire discussion below:

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