BOSTON (CBS) – Coach Brad Stevens joined Gresh & Zolak Wednesday afternoon for his weekly chat and addressed the rumored Rajon Rondo trade proposal between the Celtics and the Kings.

Donny Marshall of NBC Sports said yesterday that the Celtics will trade Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings as part of a major deal.

Details of that major deal trickled out later in the day, and it would include Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson, Ben Mclemore and two future first-round picks for Rondo.

Beat writer Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe was on this morning and isn’t putting any stock into it, and neither is Brad Stevens.

“I’m not one that stays up on the rumor mill all that well so I just wait for them [front office] to tell me if there’s anything that they’re considering. That’s never come up in any discussion that I’ve had and I obviously talk to Danny [Ainge] on a very regular basis.”

The challenge for Stevens is to get his players to block out all the distractions – or as Bill Belichick would say: ignore the noise.

What makes it even harder is the hyperconnectivity of our world with social media and the like.

“One thing that our guys can’t do – and it’s hard – is pay attention to the rumor mill. Certainly they hear it, they see it. They want to ask questions about it if they hear it. Even though I haven’t been in the NBA I’ve heard my fair share of false rumors – and Twitter enhances those. You’ve got to wait until you hear something that’s substantial.”

He also discussed the record of his team. Despite not being above .500 the Celtics are currently in fourth place in the Eastern Conference and sit atop the Atlantic Division.

Gresh assessed the first year coach’s level of satisfaction.

“In coaching you’re never satisfied because you know what’s coming around the corner if you get satisfied. You just kind of try to play well the next day,” said Stevens.

“The bottom line is we’re going to have to continue to play better to get the results that you want. There are no guaranteed games in this league. You’ve got to play well everyday to win.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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