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Monday 12/16 – 5:30pm

“The Smelly Car”
Jerry and Elaine try to track down the mysterious and pungent odor in Jerry’s car. Meanwhile, George runs into his ex-girlfriend and wants to get back together with her after finding out she’s a lesbian.

Jerry: So, this morning, I go down to the garage to check the car out. I figure by this time, the odor molecules have had at least twelve hours to de-smellify. I open the car door, like a punch in the face, the stench hits me. It’s almost as if it had GAINED strength throughout the night.



Tuesday 12/17 – 6:00pm

Two-and-a-Half-Men-Logo-100x100Two and a Half Men
“Last Chance to See Those Tattoos”
Charlie is horrified to discover that a website was created by his former flames to expose all of his flaws.

Alan: “Frequently Asked Questions”.
Charlie: Don’t read that.
Alan: Yeah, right. Uhh, okay. “Question: How long can you expect to date Charlie after you have sex with him? Answer: It depends how late you sleep the next morning.”



Wednesday 12/18 – 7:00pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Porkchop Indeterminacy”
Leonard, Howard, and Raj all become infatuated with Sheldon’s sister when she comes to visit. Leonard tries to come up with a plan to eliminate the others.

Leonard: If the wedding’s not until tomorrow, why don’t you stay with us tonight?
Missy: Oh, I don’t think so. Shelly doesn’t like company. Even as a little boy, he’d send his imaginary friends home at the end of the day.
Sheldon: They were not “friends”. They were imaginary colleagues.



Thursday 12/19 – 7:00pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Peanut Reaction”
When Penny finds out that Leonard has never had a birthday party, she tries to plan a surprise one for him. However, she gets sidetracked when Sheldon tries to live his fantasy in an electronics store.

Penny: [to Leonard] This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.
Howard: You think? [to Leonard] Go ahead – tell her about your senior prom.



Friday 12/20 – 5:00pm

Friends LogoFriends
“The One After the Super Bowl, Part 2”
Rachel and Monica compete for the attention of Jean-Claude Van Damme on a movie set. Meanwhile, Chandler meets a former schoolmate who seems to be hot for him.

Monica: You know I gotta admit that I was kinda surprised that you agreed to go on a blind date.
Jean-Claude Van Damme: Normally I would not do it.
Monica: Well, what made you make the exception for me?
Jean-Claude Van Damme: Cause Rachel told me you were dying to have a threesome with me and Drew Barrymore. Oh, by the way, Drew has some ground rules.



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