BOSTON (CBS) – WWE Superstar Ryback will be at the TD Garden this Sunday night at WWE Survivor Series, so the wrestler billed out of Sin City sat down for an in depth interview with Felger & Mazz producer James Stewart on Friday morning.

Ryback is not yet on the official Survivor Series fight card, that’s because he doesn’t have an opponent. He’s issuing an open challenge to any wrestler who has the guts to step inside the squared circle with him.

“The open challenge is for anyone out there,” said Ryback. “I’m kind of a bully. I like a good fight and I like picking on people. If it’s someone bigger than me so be it.”

Ryback spoke about a whole host of topics including how he got his name, which came to him one night drinking vodka and watching Terminator 2.

“When I first got into wrestling my name was Silverback, like the gorilla, and that was my nickname as a kid from my friends. My real name is Ryan, my old name was Silverback and ‘Ryback’ just kind of popped into my head. That’s how it was born,” said Ryback.

James Stewart was interested to know who Ryback grew up watching in wrestling and what he learned from some of his favorite pro wrestlers.

“Looking back I loved Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. I didn’t know why I necessarily liked them as a kid, but now you realize they were just so good. They were great entertainers and in-ring performers.”

Ryback also draws inspiration from the British Bulldog, who moved around so well for being such a big, muscular guy back in his day. And someone like Razor Ramon too, who from his entrance music to his swagger and persona had it all in Ryback’s opinion.

Ryback was asked about his boss, and made an interesting comparison to Vince McMahon and his employees, saying that “He’s the Roman emperor, and we are all his gladiators. And I want to be the biggest, baddest gladiator.”

After refusing comment on CM Punk and Paul Heyman, Ryback was asked to share his feelings about Bill Goldberg.

Recently, Ryback has been incorporating some of Goldberg’s moves into his repertoire, including his famous signature move “The Jackhammer.”

What’s his relationship with Goldberg like, and could we possibly see a match between the two at Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans?

“I have a great amount of respect for Bill Goldberg, but I’m not going to beat around the bush and say I wanna be best friends with the guy. I’d like to face him in the ring.”

“I’ve heard him say he’s not happy with comments I’ve made about him, if he has a problem with it let’s settle it at Wrestlemania.”

Listen to the interview below:


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