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Now that you’ve had a chance to digest the initial push to generate excitement over the possibility of bringing the Olympics to the Boston area, ask yourself one question: Would a Boston Olympics end up being the “Big Dig” of sports? Would this adventure result in the same inconvenience, expense, and dubious gains that were bestowed upon us by the “Big Dig?”

Many cities over-bid in an attempt to secure the Olympic games, all but ensuring meager, if any, financial gain. Olympic hosts can lose big money. Factor in the likely hassles and the disruptions to life in our comfortable city, and I for one am skeptical about the risk vs. reward balance such a venture presents.

Some cities pursue the Olympics for the promotional value, putting themselves on the map. But Boston is already very much on the international map, and I believe bringing the Olympics here would put us well past the margin of diminishing returns when it comes to any promotional punch.

So be careful what you wish for, because in the unlikely event Boston were to be awarded the games, life here would change. Is it a change really you want? At the end of the day, would it be worth it?