BOSTON (CBS) – Former Patriots linebacker and current Big Ten Network analyst Rosevelt Colvin called Toucher & Rich Friday morning to cover a slew of NFL-related topics, including his reaction to the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation down in Miami.

But before that, the Indianapolis native weighed in on his hometown team’s win over the Titans last night, and what the Colts win means for the Patriots and potential playoff byes.

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Fred predicts that one of the playoff byes in the AFC will come out of the West between the Chiefs and the Broncos, and that leaves one spot up for grabs between the Patriots and the Colts.

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At 7-3 and leading the AFC South by a comfortable three games, the Indianapolis Colts have not been what you would call a model of consistency. They’ve been up and down all year, beating contenders like the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos, but also losing to the Dolphins, Chargers and getting blown out 38-8 by the lowly St. Louis Rams.

Rosevelt Colvin, why have they been so up and down and can they challenge the Patriots for a bye in the AFC playoffs?

“They’ve hit a bump of injuries, and one of the main injuries that’s cause for concern is Reggie Wayne. He was their possession receiver, so their offense has kind of sputtered because of that,” reasons Colvin. “That, and the inconsistency in the run game has caused a trickle-down effect.”

So injuries have been their downfall, but are they in the clear yet? Colvin doesn’t think so, given their schedule. The Colts still have to face the Texans, the Titans again and the Kansas City Chiefs.

“The road to where they need to go is still not paved. It’s not all the way set in my book, but they are probably the one other team that controls that second bye.”

Next, Fred broke a promise to himself and brought up the Richie Incognito situation again. It’s an issue that’s been receiving a lot of attention, so the guys were interested to know a former player’s take on the matter.

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Reid: Something Doesn’t Add Up In Dolphins’ Incognito-Martin Bullying Story

“My initial thought was that it’s very disappointing. It’s a different mentality for these players in the NFL now,” said Colvin. “I say that because society has a different mentality. My parents grew up in the south, and the reason why it’s disappointing to me is because of the whole racial slur thing.”

“The usage of the word is so loose, and it’s something that’s so derogatory and negative that it shouldn’t be apart of anybody’s vocabulary – African American or not.”

Lastly, Colvin weighed in on the Patriots’ big matchup against the Panthers in Carolina on Monday Night Football.

“I think they [Carolina] are one of those surprise teams of the year, you have to say that they’re legit because they weren’t beating those weak teams last year, or even two years ago. Cam Newton is going to be a threat regardless if he has the ball, whether throwing or running. Defensively they have a few playmakers, and they’re starting to develop and grow and get confident.”

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“The Patriots cannot take a week off. They have to put themselves in position to play good football,” added Colvin. “It’s a big game, probably the biggest game against the Panthers since the Super Bowl.”

Listen to the full discussion below:

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