The Celtics are gearing up to get back to work and held their media day on Monday.

T&R were there and got the chance to sit down with Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo to discuss his style of play, the coming season, adjusting to a new coach and new system and being on the opposite end of the court from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

The guys started off discussing an article that ran in Sports Illustrated that mentioned Rondo’s love of the game Connect 4 and how he has used the strategy involved in that game and applied it to basketball.

“I think basketball is more mental than physical especially at this age. A lot of guys can play the game, but can you out think your next opponent in making the next move. So, that’s just like Connect 4.”

Did his ability to read the game differently than other players lead him to get frustrated at the high school and college level?

“Even at the pro in the beginning. There’s things that I pick up that I’m assuming or expecting the other players to pick up just as quick as I do, but that’s just a matter of being a professional and taking your craft very seriously.”

They also discussed the exit of Doc Rivers and the hire of Brad Stevens and the guys wondered how tough it is to get used a new coach with a new system. Is it tough to not take it personally when a coach decides to move on?

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