SUDBURY (CBS) – Many students at Lincoln-Sudbury High School were upset that the school did not honor September 11th victims with a moment of silence. Now, they are trying to make sure that never happens again.

“I thought it was kind of disrespectful because there are people from Sudbury who did die, and I kinda thought we should have had something,” said Matthew Johnson a student at the school.

There was no commemoration of Wednesday’s 9/11 anniversary, and dozens of students sent emails to the principal complaining about that.

“I think the general feeling of the entire school was kind of disappointment,” said Greg Sachs, who sent a letter. “We were shocked, confused.”

“It should just always be remembered, you can’t forget about something like that,” said Stephen Nobile.

The principal, who is new to the school, heard the students. During morning announcements Thursday morning, she said, “I was quite taken by your expressions of caring for the personal loss of others and wanting and needing to demonstrate a solidarity of support as a community.”

And the students got their moment of silence, albeit a day late.

“It was much appreciated because it was kind of a signal that our administration hears us and cares about us,” said Sachs.

“It’s a good thing to represent the country and to basically honor the people who died and the people who made sacrifices to try and save the people who were trapped in the buildings,” said Fred McCluskey.

The students hope the school will make the moment of silence a permanent remembrance each September 11th.


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