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It’s an Agenda Free Friday on the Felger and Massarotti Show today! The guys went to the phones early and often. The Boston Red Sox won 9-8 in extra innings against the Yankees in New York. Peyton Manning threw 7 touchdowns for the Denver Broncos in their 49-27 season opening win over the Baltimore Ravens. Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports joined Felger and Mazz to preview the start of the New England Patriots season this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Finally, Felger tries to clear the air about his comments on fantasy sports.

In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continue to preview the start of the Patriots season. What are the biggest concerns entering Sunday’s game against the Bills? Felger and Massarotti were joined by New England Patriots radio play-by-play announcer Bob Socci. Socci will be joining Felger and Mazz every Friday of the football season. Also, the guys play 5 Questions with Bob Socci. Taking a break from the Pats talk, Mike and Tony discuss last night’s Sox 9-8 extra inning win over the Yankees. After last night’s performance by the Denver Broncos and Wes Welker, will letting Welker walk come back to bite the Pats?

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Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe joined Felger and Massarotti and the guys continue to address some of the Patriots concerns entering the start of season. The guys went on to discuss Sox first baseman Mike Napoli. What can we expect to see from Napoli as the regular season wraps up? Mike, Tony, and Chris also talked about last night’s Ravens-Broncos game. Will the Patriots miss Welker? The guys looked back at Bill Belichick’s defensive draft history over the last five years. What can we expect to see out of the defense this season?

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In the fourth and final hour of an Agenda Free, Pick It and Stick It Friday, Felger and Mazz take calls on everything they covered today. The guys took calls on the start of the Patriots season, the Sox win last night against the Yankees, and Wes Welker’s debut with the Denver Broncos last night. Finally, to wrap up the week, we hear from Mad Mike and Squeaky Mazz in The Final Word with Marc Bertrand.

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