DANVERS (CBS) —- A former sheriff’s officer who now works as a driver for a local bus company is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from some newlyweds.

“What’s supposed to be a great day turned into a horrible day” said the groom. The couple wants to remain anonymous, but they say it has tainted their wedding memories forever. “It was devastating,” said the bride.

It happened after their reception at the Danversport Yacht Club.

A family member set a custom-made wooden box full of envelopes of checks and cash gifts on a stone wall while loading the car. They mistakenly left without it, and when they realized hours later, they came back for it.

Checks and cash gifts in this custom-made wooden box were stolen after the wedding. (Family photo)

Checks and cash gifts in this custom-made wooden box were stolen after the wedding. (Family photo)

“One of the coordinators there said, ‘let me check’, went outside, and found the box empty in the bushes,” said the groom.

Police say the rest of the story plays out on video from a surveillance camera outside.

According to the police report, the video shows a bus marked “Cavalier.” It says the driver, 44-year-old Robert McIntosh, is seen taking the box and bringing it into his bus. He’s then seen returning to the area where it was later found empty.

Robert McIntosh. (Photo courtesy: Danvers Police)

Robert McIntosh. (Photo courtesy: Danvers Police)

“Why?” asked the bride when she found out. “Why would you do that to a couple who’s getting married and starting their life together?”

McIntosh was arrested at his Charlestown home Thursday and arraigned Friday on larceny charges.

Court documents show he has a lengthy criminal record going back three years with charges that range from shoplifting, to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, to larceny.

A spokesman representing Cavalier Coach Trailways says the company did do a background check on McIntosh before hiring him in July. They say none of the charges turned up in their search. He has been placed on unpaid leave.

McIntosh worked as an officer for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department at the Nashua Street Jail in Boston for 20 years until 2010.

He is now behind bars.

Christina Hager


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