By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

HOOKSETT, N.H. (CBS) – A Hooksett, New Hampshire woman has called 911 ten times this month and Hooksett Police say now she went too far.

Jeanie Dufresne was arrested over the weekend for calling 911 for a pen.

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“I just want a simple thing,” Dufresne can be heard on the 911 call provided to WBZ-TV by Hooksett Police. “A pen.”

The dispatcher appeared to be dumbfounded and then frustrated.

“You want a pen?” the dispatcher responded. “You dialed 911 because you want a pen? You do realize that it’s definitely not an emergency. You’re dialing 911, you are tying up a 911 line, so you’re tying up people who actually have emergencies because you need a pen.”

Hooksett Police Chief Peter Bartlett says bogus calls can delay getting legitimate callers the help they need.

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“It ties up resources,” said Bartlett. “It becomes frustrating.”

It is not the first time police in Hooksett have dealt with calls like this.

Elizabeth Niemi was arrested in March for calling 911 for help ordering Chinese food.

“Hopefully holding these people accountable for what they’ve done we can get the word out there that the emergency system is a quality system that needs to be used just for emergency calls and service, not for something frivolous,” said Bartlett.

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Dufresne is charged with Misuse of 911. She was arraigned Monday and is being held on $5000 cash bail.